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Our department's basic educational philosophy - Nurturing trusted surgeons

Our goal is to develop outstanding surgeons who are trusted by patients, other health professionals and society. To achieve this goal, a long-term systematic training system is necessary, therefore we have created the Residency & Certified Surgeon Training Program as a unified 12-year education system to allow medical school graduates to be trained in the Department of Gastroenterological Surgery I and affiliated hospitals. After two years of the Intern Program, a three-year Clinical Training Program (general surgery training) is provided for residents to help them to obtain a certified surgeon qualification from the Japan Surgical Society. After the three-year program, a seven-year period of specialized surgery training follows.

Seamless Education System

An increasing number of students are starting to think about their future professional plans early in their medical school education. Our department consists of many interns and residents, providing medical school students with various opportunities to interact with them. Accordingly, we provide an education program in which fifth-year medical school students and interns/residents learn together without boundaries. Another educational feature is a multi-layered approach in which residents support interns and interns support medical school students. Furthermore, medical staff members are open and supportive. All our staff strive to provide education while giving consideration to the mindset of students, interns and residents.

A 12-year course for developing independent surgeons

  1. To acquire the basic surgical skills to perform safe and reliable surgery
  2. To become a doctor who is able to formulate care plans independently
  3. To acquire the logical thinking required in providing medical care
  4. To be able to respect patients and their values and work collaboratively with other staff to provide medical care

Educational programs for students, interns and residents to support their development